International Symposium on Economic Thought (ISET)

International Symposium on Economic Thought (ISET)


Dear Colleagues,


It is a great pleasure to formally and cordially invite you to INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON ECONOMIC THOUGHT (ISET) “Theory, History, Sociology, Philosophy, Methodology, Policy” which will be held on 22-23 May 2021 (Virtual Symposium) by The Research Platform on Economic Thought (RePEcT).


ISET is intended to be a forum for academicians to present and discuss ECONOMIC THOUGHT through Theory, History, Sociology, Philosophy, Methodology, Policy. This symposium aims to present the background of economics comparatively and to discuss Economic Thought in line with the theory, history, sociology, philosophy, methodology, and politics of economics. For this reason, the presentations in this symposium will explore the effect of Economic Thought on the formation of economic theories, its applicability to economic policies, the importance of its philosophy and sociology, including its methodology and place in history from past to present. We would be honored if you take part in the symposium with your valuable study.


With our best and sincere regards,


President of Symposium

Gerald Friedman 

Professor of Economics

University of Massachusetts at Amherst


The President of RePEcT

Rahmi Deniz ÖZBAY

Professor of Economic History

Marmara University